Chestermere’s sanitary system is currently operating beyond its designed capacity. Lift Station #2 (LS 2) receives flow from Lift Station #1 (LS 1).  The pumps at LS 2 do not have the capacity to meet the existing peak wet weather flow requirement. Therefore, an upgrade to the pumps are required to serve the collection areas served by both these lift stations.

Lift Station #3 (LS 3) is under capacity and addressing the capacity issue is currently the single greatest priority as it relates to infrastructure replacements and upgrades in Chestermere.  A large amount of flow into LS 3 comes from LS 2, however the gravity collection system downstream of LS 3 is undersized. Diverting the flow from LS 2 to Lift Station #4 will resolve the limitations of both the lift station capacity and gravity line size.

CUI has initiated the Lift Station 2/3 System Capacity Improvement project which involves upgrading the pumps at Lift Station 2, installing an outdoor standby generator, and constructing a new wet well, valve chamber, and manhole. A 1.5 km 150 mm sanitary force main will be constructed from LS 2 on East Lakeview Road to Kinniburgh Boulevard at Township Road 241A.

Once completed, these capacity improvements will support growth of the City of Chestermere over the next 25 years.

The project will be constructed from July through October 2017.

Traffic Notice: 

  • East Lakeview Road from East Chestermere Drive to Township Road 241A will have alternating one-way traffic for approximately 21 days beginning the week of July 10th
  • Township Road 241A and Kinniburgh Boulevard from East Lakeview Road to Kinniburgh Crescent will be closed for approximately 15 days beginning the week of August 7th

Work will not interfere with typical access to adjacent roads or cul-de-sacs.

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