CUI provides curbside waste collection of organics, garbage and recycling as well as water, wastewater, and stormwater management services for residential customers in Chestermere, Alberta. Residential customers are those who receive CUI services as an individual or family in their residence, where the services are used solely by the customer or family members for personal, domestic or social purposes.

Curbside Collection

CUI provides waste management services to residences in the City of Chestermere. Our curbside collection services include pickup of household garbage, recycling, yard and food waste (composting). For detailed information on curbside collection, including how to prepare for pickup day, and when your pickup day is, click here.

Sorting Central

Find out how to properly sort your waste so items are disposed of properly – in the green bin (yard and food waste); the blue bin (recyclable materials); or garbage (sent to the landfill). Click here to get started.

Recycle Depot

CUI is committed to recycling as many materials as possible to keep them out of our landfills. We accept a wide variety of items that fall outside of what goes in your blue cart. For more information on our recycling facility, including detailed information on what is accepted, click here.

Please note the Recycle Depot is only for use by Chestermere residential customers. Non-Chestermere residents and commercial operators (eg: landscaping companies) will be denied access. For safety reasons, CUI does not permit scavenging at the Recycle Depot.


From drinking water to wastewater and stormwater management, CUI provides a variety of water related services to Chestermere residents. Click here for more information about each service. Details are also available here on how to read your water meter.

Common Contributors to High Water Consumption

Leaks or changes in your regular water use can increase your water consumption and result in a water bill that is higher than normal. Having houseguests in your home can mean more showering, dishwashing and laundry. There is often increased use with children being home during school vacation; and using more water in the spring and summer to keep our grass green and our gardens growing. Ever wonder why your consumption may be high? Click here for a list of some of the more common contributors to high water consumption levels.

Customer Accounts

Are you moving and need to update your account? Do you have a new phone number or email address? Call us at 403-207-7284. Our customer service agents are ready to assist you! Click here for more details.


Click here for information on residential rates.


Utility bills are generated and issued during the first week of each month after meters are read. Payment is due on the last day of the same month in which the bill was issued. Click here for more information.