CUI provides curbside waste collection of organics, garbage and recycling as well as water, wastewater, and stormwater management for residential and commercial customers. For information on these services, along with rates and billing details, see the information below.

Curbside Collection

CUI provides curbside collection services for the City of Chestermere. Our curbside services include pickup of household waste, recycling, yard waste and composting. For detailed information on curbside collection, including how to prepare for pickup day, and when your pickup day is, click here.


From drinking water to waste and stormwater management, CUI provides a variety of water related services to the city of Chestermere. For more information, click here.

Common Contributors to High Water Consumption

Ever wonder why your consumption may be high? Click here for a list of some of the more common contributors to high water consumption levels.

Sorting Central

Find all the information you’ll need on how to properly sort your garbage, compost, and recycling. Click here to get started.

Recycle Depot

CUI is committed to recycling as many materials as possible to keep them out of our landfills. We accept a wide variety of items that fall outside of what goes in your blue cart. For more information on our recycling facility, including detailed information on what is accepted, click here. Use of the Recycle Depot is limited to  residential customers only. We do not accept any deliveries from commercial (ie: landscaping) companies.


For information on 2018 residential rates, and the process we use to determine them, click here.

My Bill

Utility bills are sent out on a monthly basis after meters are read. Click here for a breakdown of your monthly charges.

How to read your meter

There are a variety of meters installed in Chestermere. Click on the meter for some basic information on how to read your meter.




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