Depending on your situation, you may wish to open a new account with CUI, update your account with new information, or close your existing account.

Opening a New Account

Call us at 403-207-7284. Please have the following ready:

  • Your new address (full street address with postal code)
  • Your full legal name
  • Date of possession
  • Email address (will not be used for marketing purposes)
  • Best phone numbers for you

Click here to sign up for electronic billing and pre-authorized payment plan.

  • ✓ Electronic billing is a simple way to receive your statement. There is no paper, no postage and no delay. Once you are signed up, a PDF attachment of your utility bill will be send directly to your email inbox.
  • ✓ Pre-authorized payments are a simple and convenient way of paying your CUI bill. With your permission, CUI will debit the bill amount from your bank on the 27th day of the month the bill is due or the following business day if the 27th falls on a weekend. The pre-authorized payment plan eliminates the need for postage and the possibility of late payment charges.

Updating an Existing Account

Please ensure we have your telephone number and email address on file. It’s important for us to be able to contact you in case of urgent water or sewer events.

To sign up for e-billing and/or the pre-authorized payment plan, click here

Our customer service team is ready to assist you! Call 403-207-7284 or email

Closing an Existing Account

To close an account, CUI requires a minimum of five (5) business days notice. This allows time to obtain a closing meter reading and an accurate bill based on actual consumption (versus an estimate).

Call us at 403-207-7284. Please have your address and account number ready.

Please note: The green and blue carts are assigned to each property/residence. If an occupant moves, the carts are to remain with the property/residence.

Fees and Service Deposits

CUI charges an account application fee to covert he cost of setting up an account at a new address; or a customer account administration fee for a change of principal account holder at an existing address.

A $300 service deposit is assessed for all new residential customer accounts.

For non-residential accounts, the service deposit fee is calculated at three (3) times the monthly average bill specific to the type of property (e.g. restaurant, motel, service bay, etc.). The monthly average is calculated using the average consumption over the last six (6) months plus applicable monthly basic charges. If consumption data is not available for the last six (6) months, CUI bases the deposit on a standard consumption for the type of property.

A bin deposit fee is also applied to customer accounts in accordance with the type and size of bin(s) provided.

Deposits are returned after twelve (12) consecutive months or full payment (no late or missed payments); and/or applied to an account upon closing. For credit balances on closed accounts, the amount owing the customer must be $10 or more for a refund to be issued.