CUI provides several payment options to suit your personal needs.

Pre-authorized Payment

Sign up for the most convenient and efficient way to pay your CUI bill – pre-authorized payment. Under the pre-authorized payment plan you will continue to receive a bill showing the amount that will be deducted from your bank account. The withdrawal from your bank account will be on the 27th day of the month the bill is due or the following business day if the 27th falls on a weekend. These automatic deductions eliminate the need for postage and the possibility of late payment charges.

To sign up for the CUI Pre-Authorized Payment Plan, click here.

For changes to your account information, contact a Customer Service Agent at 403-207-7284 or

To cancel your CUI Pre-Authorized Payment Plan, click here.

Online Banking or Telephone Banking

Bills can be paid using a financial institution’s telephone or internet banking services. This is available at most financial institutions in Canada. Enough time should be given for CUI to receive payment as financial institutions can take an average of 2 to 4 days to transfer payments to CUI.

Payments will be applied on the date of receipt at our office or our bank.

For tips on how to find us with your online bank, click here.


Payment can be made by cheque or money order and either mailed or dropped off in person to CUI’s office at #403, 320 West Creek Drive, Chestermere Alberta, T1X 0P7. A drop box is located on the pole outside of the CUI office for customer convenience.

To ensure your payment is processed correctly, please include the remittance stub (or copy of) when mailing your payment. If your account is in arrears and you are mailing your payment, please phone us at 403-207-7284 or email us to avoid collection action or possible service disconnection.


Credit Card Online

Payment can be made by credit card  online at Plastiq, a third party service provider.

Please note, an account will need to be created and payments may take 3–5 business days to process. A Plastiq service fee will be applied (2.5% for credit cards). CUI does not receive any portion of this fee ­– it is a 3rd party service fee. Watch this video to learn how to set up an account.


Important Note:

Any balance outstanding after the due date is assessed a 3% late payment fee and is included in the next month’s bill. Please allow enough time for your payment to reach our office by the due date to avoid late payment penalties and possible service disconnection.

For Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) payments, an NSF fee will be charged in accordance with our Rates and Fees Schedule, in addition to late payment fees for the outstanding balance.

Failure to pay an account for ninety (90) consecutive days, or account arrears more then two (2) times a typical monthly bill, will result in the commencement of collection activities. This includes water service disconnection and discontinuance of waste disposal services until steps to recover the amount due have been taken (including referral to a third-party collection agency), and payment is received by CUI for the outstanding amount.



If an account has been overpaid, CUI will refund amounts upon request providing the amount is greater than two times the customer’s average bill over the last six (6) months. If the credit balance on account is less than the calculated amount, it will be held as a credit against future billings.

All funds returned to customers are paid by cheque only and customers should allow two (2) to four (4) weeks for refunds to be processed. For credit balances on closed accounts, the amount owing the customer must be $10 or more for a refund to be issued.