CUI issues customer bills during the first week of each month after the meters have been read. Customers can choose to receive their bill as an electronic PDF file sent by email or a paper copy mailed through Canada Post.

Bills are due on the last day of the month in which it was issued. Payment for the full amount owing must be received by CUI on or before the due date shown on the bill, whether the bill was based on actual or estimated readings.

If you have not received your bill by the end of the second week of the month, please contact CUI at 403-207-7284 or email

Failure to receive a bill or loss of the statement, is not accepted as a reason for either non-payment or for exemption from any associated late payment penalties.



Prefer to receive your bills via email rather than mail? Sign up for electronic billing today!

Sign up for Electronic Billing through 3-easy steps:

  1. Download the form here & print it
  2. Submit the completed form via email to (a clear photo of your completed agreement is great) or drop it off at #403, 320 West Creek Drive in the 24/7 drop box
  3. Open and view your monthly e-bill on your computer

* Please ensure you check your junk mail box for your bill and move it to your inbox* Most mail services, such as hotmail only store mail in their junk folder for 10 days.

Understanding Your Bill

How is my Meter Read?

CUI will make reasonable efforts to read water meters every month. However, in circumstances when a meter read is not obtained, CUI will calculate an estimate to bill water and sanitary consumption. The estimate will be calculated based on an average of the past six (6) month’s consumption.

Your water consumption is read via RFID (radio frequency identification) or a walking meter reader. Click here to learn more about your water meter.

Meter Access

If CUI is required to bill using an estimate for more than two consecutive months, CUI may contact you to request access to the water meter to obtain an actual read; to complete a physical inspection; or for other purposes as required, incidental to the provision of water services.

If meter access is required, CUI will use reasonable effort to provide notice and/or schedule an appointment with you at a mutually agreeable day and time. If emergency meter access is required, CUI maintains the right to request access to a customer’s property without notice.

If building access is provided, but the meter is inaccessible due to obstructions, you will be provided with notice to remove the obstruction(s) and a follow-up appointment will be scheduled. If meter access is not accommodated, CUI may proceed with disconnection of services without further notice. Services will remain disconnected until meter access is obtained. Reconnection fees apply.

Basic Water Charge

The basic water charge covers the cost of ensuring water is available at the service connection point and includes the cost of reading the meter and administering the account.

Water Consumption Charges

The water consumption charge is based on the amount of water used during the billing period. It includes the cost of drawing water from the Bow River, treating, pumping and delivering the water from the City of Calgary to your property in Chestermere. Water consumption is measured and billed for in cubic meters (m3). One cubic meter is equal to 1,000 litres or 220 gallons. CUI bills customers based on measured m3.


Consumption Thresholds

Water is billed at different rates depending on the amount of water used. Thresholds mark the level of usage where one water rate tier ends, and another begins.

Environment and Climate Change Canada (2011) has reported that Canadians use an average of 251 litres of water each day, which equates to 7.5m3 per person per month. Based on census data, an average home would consume ~ 18m3/month, which is the threshold or point in usage when the residential water rate changes. Tier 1 rates are charged for residential consumption up to 18m3 per month; tier 2 rates apply to water consumption greater than 18m3.

Having a different rate for residential consumption above 18m3 encourages water conservation practices. For non-residential customers, the threshold is 100m3 which aligns with typical industry average non-residential consumption.

Basic Sewer Charge

The basic sewer charge covers the costs associated with the infrastructure needed to collect the wastewater from your property for delivery to the treatment plant in Calgary and the associated costs for administering the account.

Sewer Consumption Charge

The sewer consumption charge is based on the amount of wastewater produced, which is proportionate to the amount of water consumed. It covers the costs associated with pumping and delivering sewage to the wastewater treatment plant in the City of Calgary.

The Lifecycle Fund

The lifecycle fund was established to cover the long-term costs related to the refurbishment and replacement of CUI’s water and sewer infrastructure.

Rates and Fees

Click here for more information about rates and fees.

Rental Properties

For every rental property in Chestermere, both the landlord and tenant receive a copy of the tenant’s monthly bill.