CIMA+ prepared Chestermere’s Utility Master Plan (UMP) incorporating real world measurements to calibrate the City’s water and wastewater models. The UMP encompassed a review of the existing conditions and constraints of Chestermere’s water and wastewater infrastructure, as well as the requirements for future growth milestones of 5, 10 and 25 years.

The City of Chestermere continues to grow. When developing the UMP, CIMA+ in consultation with CUI and the City of Chestermere, projected growth at a rate of approximately 1,000 people per year for the next 25 years. With such strong growth, it is necessary to review and update master plans to ensure infrastructure is adequately maintained.

The UMP has been used to identify infrastructure deficiencies, provide recommendations for system maintenance and improvements, and to provide a framework for future servicing and upgrades. It has also been used to predict what impacts various growth scenarios will have on existing infrastructure and assist in developing a prioritized list of capital projects.

The following projects are either under development or have been completed recently per the water and wastewater service requirements outlined by the City of Chestermere’s Utilities Master Plan.

Westmere Pond / Lake Outfall Project

November 2017 - March 2018

A heavy rainfall event in 2015 resulted in severe flooding in several areas of Chestermere. In order to alleviate future flooding concerns, a review of the Westmere Pond System was conducted, and 1.2 kilometers of underground storm pipe was constructed from Westmere Pond to Chestermere Lake.

Lift Station 1 Refurbishment

Project near completion

The electrical, mechanical and control systems are being rehabilitated to extend the lift station’s operational life. The facility was originally placed into service in 1989.

Lift Station 6 Rehabilitation

Project near completion

Extensive upgrades to the facility’s mechanical, electrical and control systems are being completed. Lift Station 6 was originally placed into service in 1990.

Lift Station 7 Rehabilitation

Project Underway

Some of the facility’s mechanical and electrical components are being refurbished and replaced.

Lift Station 8 Rehabilitation

Project near completion

The electrical, mechanical and control systems are being rehabilitated to extend the facility’s operational life. Lift Station 8 was originally placed into service more than 20 years ago.

Lift Station 9 Capacity Upgrade

Completed Summer 2018

CUI partnered with Trotter & Morton Industrial Services (TMIS) to complete a capacity upgrade at Lift Station 9, located at 133 West Creek Blvd. Completion of this project helps relieve wastewater system constraints and supports future growth of the City.

Rainbow Road Sanitary Trunk (Phase 1)

Completed in April 2018

The Rainbow Road Sanitary Trunk Phase 1 project involved the construction of 0.7 km of 1050 mm gravity main between Rainbow Falls Gate (connection of LS 4 FM) and LS 13. It was required to create relief at LS 10 by diverting flows from LS 4 and LS 12 (including LS 5, once diverted to LS 12) to LS 13. LS 13 (completed mid-2016) was designed to serve as Chestermere’s primary lift station, pumping Chestermere’s wastewater to Calgary. In addition to providing capacity required to relieve the existing system constraints, it has been designed to accommodate the growth expected over the next 25 years. The necessary sanitary system relief will only be achieved once both LS 13 FM and RRST are tied into LS 13 and are operational. Once completed, RRST will receive a total flow of 450 L/s; 92 L/s is required to relieve current system constraints with the remaining 358 L/s available to serve future development.

Lift Station 5/8 Force Main Diversion


The Lift Station 5/8 Force Main Diversion project involved the construction of two new sanitary force mains by excavation and directional drilling. The completion of this project helps alleviate capacity issues associated with the collection systems downstream of Lift Station 5 and Lift Station 8. One force main was constructed along Westchester Green from West Chestermere Drive across the Altalink transmission lines to Rainbow Falls Manor. The other was from the John Peake Memorial Park boat launch parking lot towards the north park lot to Marina Road.

Lift Station 5 Rehabilitation

September to December 2017

Structural, mechanical, electrical and control components at Lift Station 5 had reached the end of their operational life and were replaced, ensuring continued service and reliability of the facility to the City of Chestermere.

Lift Station 13 (LS 13) Force Main - Phase 1

Completed in March 2018

The Lift Station 13 Forcemain (LS 13 FM) Project involved the construction of 5.5 km of 600 mm force main. The force main diverts wastewater from Lift Station (LS) 13 to the City of Calgary’s sanitary network. As a second discharge main to Calgary, the LS 13 FM also potentially reduces the amount of emergency wastewater handling in case of a failure in one of the two main lift stations. The LS 13 FM has a total flow capacity of 450 L/s; 92 L/S was required to relieve system constraints by connecting lift stations 4, 5, and 12 via LS 13 to Calgary, with the remaining 358 L/s available to serve future development.

Truck Storage & Maintenance Facility

April - October 2017

A truck storage and maintenance facility was constructed as outlined in the City of Chestermere 2017 Utility Rates Request for Decision. The facility provides indoor space to safely inspect, maintain and store refuse vehicles with air systems (brakes and other hydraulic equipment).