City of Chestermere and CUI Announce a Request for Expression of Interest for Waste Collection and Processing Services

In early January 2019, the City of Chestermere and CUI announced they would be working together to explore how residents will continue to receive waste collection and processing services, with the possibility of outsourcing these services to third-party provider(s). To better understand the feasibility of outsourcing waste and recycling collection, and the costs associated, the City and CUI have posted a Request for Expression of Interest (RFEOI). The intent of this RFEOI is to identify interested respondents prior to proceeding to a potential next stage of a Request for Proposal (RFP) process. The RFEOI has a submission deadline of February 1, 2019.



Financial Reports

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Utilities Master Plan

The City of Chestermere has continued to see strong growth since the last Utilities Master Plan (UMP) in 2010 with growth averaging about 5% annually. When developing the UMP, CIMA+ in consultation with CUI and the City of Chestermere projected growth at a rate of approximately 1,000 people per year for the next 25 years.

In May 2015, CUI retained CIMA+ (formerly BSEI Municipal Consulting Engineers) to prepare a new UMP incorporating real world measurements to calibrate the water and wastewater models. This UMP will encompass a review of the existing conditions and constraints as well as the future at milestones of 5, 10 and 25 years, as well as full build-out for wastewater collection and disposal and water supply, storage and distribution.

The UMP was developed to assist the City administrators to direct and plan for development, improve system utilization and plan for future upgrades. It will be used to identify system deficiencies, provide recommendations for system maintenance and improvements, and to provide a framework for future servicing. It will also be used to predict what impacts various growth scenarios will have on CUI and the City’s existing infrastructure and assist CUI in developing a prioritized list of capital projects.



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Annual Reports to the Community

To engage with customers and improve relationships with the community of Chestermere, CUI has hosted Annual Report to the Community open house events. Following are copies of presentations from those events.

2018 Annual Report to the Community (April 11, 2018)

2017 Annual Report to the Community (May 11, 2017)

2016 AGM Presentation (April 26, 2016)



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