2018 Rates

CUI Is pleased to advise that it will not be seeking a change to its utility rates for 2018.  Click here for more information


CUI Customer Survey

As part of CUI’s continuing journey to improve our relationship with our customers we’ve implemented a series of new initiatives to help us serve you better.  We revamped our website and launched our “recollect” app. We’ve got a completely new customer service team and have equipped them with some new tools.  We’ve also implemented new policies and processes to help guide their interactions with you – our customers.

We’re not done. In order to track whether these changes are having the intended impact, we’re soliciting your feedback.  Following each customer initiated interaction (call / email / walk in), we will be following up with an automated, online survey asking for your assessment of the quality of your most recent interaction with CUI.  You will be asked to respond to 5 simple, agree disagree questions.  We will use your responses to understand areas where we’re doing well and where we need to improve.  We look forward to receiving your feedback and moving forward, together.


Leigh-Anne Palter, CEO



CUI 2017 Capital Projects 

CUI is undertaking multiple water and wastewater capital projects in 2017 to relieve existing system constraints, ensure compliance with environmental standards and accommodate future growth of the community. Information regarding Chestermere’s water & wastewater systems can be found in the 2017 Water Capital Projects Justification or click here.


Chestermere’s Water System

CUI’s water system distributes water throughout the City from a central reservoir and pump station. Treated water is supplied to the reservoir from The City of Calgary via two supply mains. The reservoir at the corner of Merganser Dr. West and Rainbow Rd is a series of four underground concrete vaults with a storage capacity of 13,600 cubic meters (m3). Storage of the treated water underground avoids contamination from environmental factors and reduces re-chlorination requirements prior to being pumped into the distribution system. The distribution system includes 75 KM of water mains, and the associated valves and fire hydrants as well as individual service connections.


Chestermere’s Wastewater System

CUI’s wastewater system is comprised of a 74km network of gravity sewer, more than 15km of forcemain and 13 lift stations. Currently all the City’s wastewater is collected at Lift Station 10 and pumped to the City of Calgary for treatment through a 450 mm forcemain. A 250 mm forcemain is inactive and on standby for use in emergency situations.