CUI 2017 Capital Projects 

CUI is undertaking multiple water and wastewater capital projects in 2017 to relieve existing system constraints, ensure compliance with environmental standards and accommodate future growth of the community. Information regarding Chestermere’s water & wastewater systems can be found in the 2017 Water Capital Projects Justification and below.


Chestermere’s Water System

CUI’s water system distributes water throughout the City from a central reservoir and pump station. Treated water is supplied to the reservoir from The City of Calgary via two supply mains. The reservoir at the corner of Merganser Dr. West and Rainbow Rd is a series of four underground concrete vaults with a storage capacity of 13,600 cubic meters (m3). Storage of the treated water underground avoids contamination from environmental factors and reduces re-chlorination requirements prior to being pumped into the distribution system. The distribution system includes 75 KM of water mains, and the associated valves and fire hydrants as well as individual service connections.


Chestermere’s Wastewater System

CUI’s wastewater system is comprised of a 74km network of gravity sewer, more than 15km of forcemain and 13 lift stations. Currently all the City’s wastewater is collected at Lift Station 10 and pumped to the City of Calgary for treatment through a 450 mm forcemain. A 250 mm forcemain is inactive and on standby for use in emergency situations.


Traffic Notice 

  • The parking lot to John Peak Memorial will have have revised access from October 19th to November 3rd. The parking lot exit and Marina Road will be  closed at the cul-de-sac. We would ask that you take a moment to review the revised signage at the parking lot entrance.
  • The Library Parking lot will be closed October 12th to November 3rd. Visitors will be required to park on the street.
  • Township Road 240 will be closed from 84th Street to Range Road 284.
    • Between mid-October and mid-November the intersection of TWP 240 and RR 284 will remain open. The intersections of TWP 240 and RR 285, and TWP 240 and 84th Street will remain open.
    • Between mid-November and early December the intersection of TWP 240 and RR 284 will be closed. Traffic will be detoured southbound on RR 283. RR 284 will be restricted to local traffic only between Highway 1A and Highway 560. The intersections of TWP 240 and RR 285, as well as TWP 240 and 84 Street will remain open.
  • Rainbow Road will be closed south of Rainbow Falls Gate to Lift Station 13 from October 23rd to April 2018.

Click  here  to view the traffic notice for road closures around Lift Station 13 and the Rainbow Road Sanitary Trunk Project

2017 Capital Projects Listing

LS 13 FM - Phase 1

Lift Station 13 Forcemain - Phase 1

[Project Completed] March – July 2017.

Learn More About This Project

Truck Storage & Maintenance Facility

[Project Underway] April – September 2017

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RRST - Phase 1

Rainbow Road Sanitary Trunk - Phase 1

[Project Underway] Fall / Winter 2017

Learn More About This Project

LS 13 FM 1 - Phase 2

Lift Station 13 Forcemain 1 - Phase 2

[Project Underway] September – December 2017

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LS 2

Lift Station 2

[Project Underway] June – November 2017

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Lift Station 5/8 Force Main Diversion & LS 5 Rehabilitation

[Project Underway] September – December 2017

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Community Notifications

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