Curbside Collection – Garbage, Compost, and Recycling

CUI provides garbage, recycling and compost management services to the residences in Chestermere, Alberta.

Since implementing the green and blue cart curbside collection program, over 70% of waste has been diverted from landfills to compost and recycling facilities.

With the reduction in waste, it is now logistically possible to streamline garbage collection to a bi-weekly schedule (every other week). Rather than disposing of one bag every week, residents will now be able to dispose of two bags every other week. If required, extra bag tags are still available for purchase from the City of Chestermere (City Hall).

Effective September 3, 2018, CUI will no longer collect bags that contain prohibited materials and/or weigh more than 25kg to effectively manage disposal costs. Any clear bags that contain prohibited materials and/or weigh more than 25kg will be tagged and will not be collected. For further information, click here.

CUI will continue to collect compost, and recycling on a weekly year-round basis.


When Are My Garbage, GreenBlue Carts Collected?

CUI’s Collection Calendar allows you to search your address and view your pickup schedule.

You can also sign up for weekly:

  • Email reminders
  • Automated phone call reminders
  • Text message reminders
  • In app reminders (when you download our app from the App Store or Google Play store)

Curbside Collection Tips


Need help to determine what you can place in each cart? Visit Sorting Central!

Carts and garbage MUST be placed curbside by 7am on your collection day.

The blue and green carts are assigned to each residence by a serial number. If an occupant moves, the carts are to remain with the property/residence.

Garbage Collection

Two large, clear, securely tied bags of garbage will be picked up bi-weekly. One small (20 cm x 20 cm) solid colour privacy bag may be placed inside the larger clear bag.

Bagged garbage has a maximum weight limit of 25kg per bag and may be placed in a can/receptacle (we encourage this to keep pests out). Additional garbage bags will only be picked up if they have an excess waste tag, which are available for purchase at CUI’s office or City Hall.

*Please note, garbage is different from your organic compost (green cart) and recycling (blue cart) – where the majority of recycle or compost items CAN be placed loose into their correct cart (shredded paper, bundled plastic bags and pet waste are all bagged). Garbage that is set out loose in a garbage bin, will not be collected.

Compost (Green) Cart

More than 5,500 homes in Chestermere put their food and yard waste in a green cart for curbside collection. By using your green cart you are turning this material into nutrient-rich compost and reducing the amount of waste going to our landfills.

Green carts are collected weekly.

For more information on your green cart and what can go in it, click here. The maximum weight for a compost bin is 109 kg. All organics must be placed in a compostable bag.

Recycling (Blue) Cart

Chestermere City Council approved Blue Cart Collection as part of CUI’s Automated Curbside Collection Services. Recycling is now more convenient and easier than ever for our residents!

Recyclables should be placed loose inside the blue cart. Items that contained a food product or other item such as laundry detergent should be given a quick rinse then placed inside the cart. The maximum weight for a recycling bin is 152kg.

Acceptable items for your BLUE cart include:

  • Cardboard — flattened
  • Boxboard — cereal boxes, paper towel rolls, toilet paper rolls
  • Mixed Paper- junk mail, telephone books, paper bags, office paper, file folder, paper greeting cards, wrapping paper (non-metallic)
  • Newspapers, inserts, and magazines
  • Waxy cartons — aseptic packages and waxy cartons (milk, juice, soy cartons)
  • Plastic Bags and bubble wrap — must be bundled into one plastic bag and tied
  • Clean Plastics with the recycling symbols #1 to #7, plus plastic beverage rings, plastic bottle caps, yogurt containers, shampoo bottles, margarine containers, fabric softener bottles.
  • Tin, aluminum foil, pie tins
  • Plastic Bottles and cans — we recommend residents return these to your local bottle depot for a refund or donate to local charities.
  • Shredded paper should be placed in a clear bag, tied and placed in the recycle cart


CUI is committed to recycling as many materials as possible to keep them out of  landfills and to protect the environment. If residents have an excess amount of recycling material that does not fit into their blue cart, it can be dropped off at the CUI Recycle Depot. Also, a wide variety of items that can’t go into your blue cart, can be recycled at the CUI Recycle Depot including electronics, tires, paints and some small appliances. Click here for CUI Recycle Depot information.

If you are not sure how to dispose of an item check out our online Sorting Central Tool. It will help you determine whether an item can be recycled, composted or sent to the landfill.

Visit Sorting Central to search for an item. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Suggest it within the tool!



In November 2017, CUI changed to a bi-weekly solid waste collection schedule. Below are some frequently asked questions & answers regarding the change in service.

Why is CUI changing organics collection to weekly year-round?

  • Chestermere has been very successful diverting waste from landfills to compost and recycling facilities. Over 70% of waste has been diverted since Chestermere implemented the green and blue cart programs. Providing weekly year-round organics collection will encourage proper sorting and disposal of food waste using the green organics carts rather than the garbage bags.
  • CUI is required to comply with the City of Calgary’s rules governing commercial solid waste haulers. They have stringent rules about what we’re allowed to dispose of in their landfills.
  • If our delivered loads include “designated materials”; recyclables, food and yard waste we will be charged $175 per tonne vs $113 per tonne for clean loads. Beginning October 1, 2018 some of these materials will be “banned” from their landfills entirely. Implementing these changes now will help us ensure we’re ready when these rules come into effect.


Why is CUI changing waste collection to bi-weekly (two bags) year-round?

  • The increased diversion of waste to compost and recycling facilities has made it logistically possible for CUI to collect waste every other week. Bi-weekly collection of garbage will incent people to get the organics out of their bags and into their carts.
  • People will still be permitted one clear bag per week, we’ll just pick them up every other week (2 bags collected every 2 weeks). Our last weekly collection of the clear garbage bags will be the week of November 13.
  • Expense Management – From an operational perspective, we anticipate seeing efficiencies in 2018 both from reduced operational costs as well as disposal costs. We anticipate those reductions will help offset the increased 2018 landfill disposal fees. Also, on November 1, 2017, The City of Calgary is implementing policies and pricing at their landfills that support their diversion strategies. These policies include charging higher prices to dispose of waste containing designated materials and they will ultimately refuse to accept loads containing these materials at their landfills.


Are Chestermere residents going to be receiving black carts for garbage?

  • We do not currently have a plan to supply black bins. Ensuring designated materials do not contaminate our loads is the key reason for implementing the program with clear bags. However, customers are free to place their bags inside of traditional garbage cans and our operators will take the bags from there.
  • CUI does not need to approve garbage bins that our customers may choose to utilize.


Why are the changes being implemented in mid-November?

  • We’ve established November 13 as the last weekly garbage collection (or first bi-weekly collection depending on how you look at it) to ensure that there is a normal collection of all three streams the week of December 25, which is typically a big collection week for all three streams.
  • In previous years, organics switched to a seasonal bi-weekly collection schedule after Halloween.


 Are there any other benefits anticipated by making this change?

  • CUI would like to continue to improve its’ customer service by eliminating the confusion about previous seasonal changes to the collection schedule and by reducing missed collection complaints.
  • By establishing this new collection schedule, residents will have a consistent, year-round collection schedule rather than dealing with seasonal changes.
  • Last year, we regularly dealt with calls from residents thinking their organic collections had been missed. They hadn’t been missed, but after two weeks in the cold weather, their organics had frozen to the bottom of the carts. This wasn’t an issue in the first year of the organics program because the weather was milder, vs the much colder weather we experienced this past winter. We expect that weekly organics collection will decrease this type of issue.
  • Chestermere is one of Alberta’s fastest growing municipalities so ensuring our waste management services are as efficient and effective as possible, is critical to meeting future growth demands and controlling costs.


For customers who have a large volume of waste (due to many persons residing in the residence) or who are concerned about storing the waste for 2 weeks, will CUI offer additional waste collection services for an additional fee?

  • CUI will assess the need for additional waste collection services once the new collection schedule has been operational for at least 6 months.
  • 2 bags will be allowed for collection every 2 weeks.
  • Excess bag tags are available for purchase from the City of Chestermere (City Hall).
  • Customers should contact CUI at 403-207-7284 or if they have additional questions or concerns.


Will customers receive a rate reduction for the change in service of waste collection to bi-weekly?

  • No, customers will not receive a rate reduction for the change in service to bi-weekly.
  • 2017 Rates already incorporated the operational economic benefit of bi-weekly organics collection in winter months, which is about equal to the economic benefits associated with implementation of this change.
  • It is anticipated that the operational efficiencies associated with the new collection schedule will help offset the need for future rate increases.


Will customers receive a rate increase for the change to weekly organics collection year-round?

  • Currently garbage, recycle and compost management fees for Chestermere residents are as follows:
        1. Solid Waste Collection Fee: $23.03 / month
        2. Recycle Centre Residential Fixed Fee: $4.09 / month
        3. Extra Bag Sticker Fee: $3.85 for each additional bag
        4. Excess Recycle or Organics Cart Collection (any size cart): $7 / month


Do you require any specific licenses or approvals to make this change to my service?

  • No, CUI does not require any specific licenses or approvals to make this change. CUI operates in accordance with the Chestermere Municipal Bylaw No. 029-13 that regulates and ensures the operation of stable and effective solid waste collection, disposal and recycling within Chestermere.