Wastewater Management

Water becomes wastewater when it runs down a drain or toilet. Although CUI owns and operates the infrastructure within the City of Chestermere, our wastewater is processed by the City of Calgary, where it moves through a variety of pump stations, clarifiers, filters, fermenters, and digesters before being re-introduced to the environment as biosolids for agriculture or oxygen-rich river water.

For more information on the complex processes that returns Chestermere’s wastewater to the environment, click here.


Chestermere Lift Stations

Lift Stations are used for pumping wastewater, or sewage, from lower to higher elevations. Since Chestermere is very flat, the elevation is not sufficient for sewage to flow by gravity to its end destination – the wastewater treatment plant in the City of Calgary. Click here for more information.

Protect Your Plumbing, Our Wastewater System, and the Environment

Putting fats, oils, and grease (FOGs) down the sink can clog your pipes and harm our wastewater infrastructure, while objects like dental floss, tissue, and rags can lead to sewer backups. For information on how to dispose of these items responsibly, click here.