Safe, Reliable Water Distribution

Safe, reliable access to water is unquestionably among the most essential of services. Chestermere’s beautiful topography — with mountain views and the lovely Lake Chestermere — presents a unique challenge when it comes to the safe distribution of drinking water and the management of wastewater and stormwater. We only need to remember the destructive forces of the 2015 floods to understand the impact that water has on our lives, and how important it is to maintain a reliable infrastructure.

CUI is committed to providing safe and reliable access to drinking water for the residents and businesses of Chestermere.

CUI is committed to improving the reliability and supply of potable water to Chestermere’s Customers.

Recently, it has been observed that aging copper water lines are developing leaks which are contributing to increased and potentially significant water losses for Chestermere. As such, CUI has initiated a Copper Service Investigation Project in partnership with EPCOR, to identify and subsequently repair the source of the leaks.  If your water service line or private water line is made of copper, this project is applicable to your property.