CUI is constructing a Truck Storage and Maintenance Facility as outlined in the City of Chestermere 2017 Utility Rates Request for Decision. The facility will provide indoor space to safely inspect, maintain and store refuse vehicles with air systems (brakes and other hydraulic equipment).  Construction began in April 2017 and will be completed in early Fall 2017.

The truck storage and maintenance facility is located at the corner of Rainbow Road & Chestermere Boulevard. During construction, there will be little traffic impact expected in the area though if a large truck or delivery is coming in, traffic control measures will be in place to help control this.

In the interests of safety:

  • The site will be contained within construction fencing with signage indicating the contractor’s information; and
  • Public access will not be permitted on the site

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Activity Timeline
Begin construction Q2 2017
Complete construction Q2/Q3 2017

Begin construction Q2 2017

Complete construction Q2/Q3 2017


Begin construction

Complete construction