CUI has a residential water meter inspection and replacement program. This program helps ensure Chestermere’s water meter equipment is suitable for many years to come and will contribute to improved customer service, billing accuracy, and infrastructure lead detection.

Water meters measure and record the amount of water used within homes and businesses. They can also be helpful in detecting water leaks within your system. Typically, water meters have a lifespan of 15 to 20 years. Like an automobile or other mechanical device, the meter can slow down with age and eventually stop registering completely. To ensure water consumption is being accurately recorded, the older meters need to be inspected and/or replaced.

The Water Meter Replacement Program exchanges aging water meters with new, technologically advanced meters. The upgraded reading technology allows CUI to read the water meters without entering your yard, home or business, making operations more efficient. The new meters also have a data logging function which continuously monitors water usage in 15-minute intervals. This function is tied to the leak indicator display that helps identify intermittent or continuous leaks. Leaks can result from various circumstances and early detection will help conserve water, saving you time and money.

CUI has partnered with EPCOR and Metercor to implement the program in 2018. This is part of our normal maintenance practices, and there is no charge to customers for this service.

Eligible customers will receive a phonecall or letter from CUI or its designated representative, Metercor, with details on how to schedule the installation appointment.

CUI recognizes that people are busy and are offering daytime, evening and weekend appointments. Please note there is a 2-hour service window. This means if you book an appointment for 8:00 a.m., your service will take place between 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m.

What does a water meter do?

Water meters measure and record the amount of water used within your home or business and help detect leaks within your system. The meter dial is like the odometer on your car. It continually reads your water consumption and is a cumulative total of the water that has run through the  meter since it was installed. At any point, you can get the consumption for a period by comparing the beginning reading to the final reading.

Where are residential water meters installed?

Water meters are installed inside your utility room where the water pipe enters the building from the ground – usually in the basement.

Why are water meters being exchanged?

Your water meter is  being replaced for one of the following reasons:

  • You have an old meter and it is time for an upgrade/replacement;
  • We are experiencing intermittent problems communicating with your meter;
  • You have an unexplained low consumption; and/or
  • A combination of all of the above.

Water meters typically have a lifespan of 15 to 20 years. At the end of their lifespan, they aren’t as reliable and need to be replaced. CUI will be exchanging older water meters with upgraded models (the Neptune meter E-Coder R900i).

What are the benefits of the new water meters?

The new water meters use advanced technology, so they can be read remotely. They will also have a data logging function which continuously monitors water usage in 15-minute intervals. This function is tied to the leak indicator display that will help identify intermittent or continuous leaks. Leaks can result from various circumstances and early detection will help conserve water, saving you time and money.

I received a water meter replacement letter from CUI. How do I schedule an appointment for installation?

Please follow the instructions in the letter to schedule your appointment.

Customers will either receive a phone call or a letter from CUI’s customer service team, or its’ authorized installation contractor, Metercor, to schedule the service appointment.

In some cases, customers will be asked to schedule their appointment directly through Metercor by booking online at or by calling 403-280-3070 between 8 am and 4 pm (Monday through Friday).

If you did not receive a letter from CUI regarding a water meter replacement but are concerned about the maintenance and functionality of your existing meter, please contact us at 403-207-7284.

What can I expect?

A CUI, EPCOR or Metercor representative carrying identification will complete the service.

Your new meter will be installed in the same location as your old meter. Please ensure the area around the meter is clear of obstructions to provide adequate working space.

It typically takes about 30 minutes from start to finish. An adult, 18 years of age or older, must be present during the installation appointment. This person will be asked to verify and sign the service order as confirmation of work completed.

How much does the installation cost?

There is no charge to you for the meter installation. The Water Meter Replacement Program capital costs were included in the 2017 rate application which provided a 5-year outlook (2017-2021).

What would happen if CUI did not replace my water meter?

Neither CUI or our customers would realize the efficiency and effectiveness benefits, or the leak detection capabilities associated with the new meters if the replacements were not completed. Without these, water losses could go undetected, which potentially results in water rate increases.

How much water does a typical resident consume?

In 2011, Environment and Climate Change Canada reported that Canadians use an average of 251 liters of water each day (1000 liters = 1 cubic meter m3), which equates to 7.5 m3 per person per month.

Depending on the time of year, the average residential consumption in Chestermere is between 18 and 25 cubic meters per month.

What happens if a customer refuses the service?

If customers do not respond after reasonable attempts to communicate with them and schedule an inspection and/or replacement, water services may be disconnected until access has been granted. This action will only be taken as a last resort. If service is disconnected, the customer will be liable to pay the cost of reconnecting the service.

What happens if I miss the service appointment or if my meter is not accessible?

We understand that life happens, and circumstances change. If you are not able to make the service appointment, please contact us as soon as possible to make alternative arrangements at 403-207-7284 or at 403-280-3070 if you were asked to scheduled your appointment directly through Metercor.

If prior notice is not provided, missed appointments are subject to a $120 service fee. This fee also applies if a meter is not accessible and another service appointment needs to be scheduled.

I’ve heard that people’s bills go up after you change their meter. Will that happen to me?

It is possible your bill will go up once your meter is exchanged. If your old meter was not working properly, and your consumption was not accurately recorded, it is possible that water you consumed was not previously accounted or billed for.

The water meter inspection and replacement program ensure meters have been installed according to City ordinances and are working properly, accurately recording water usage. This is important to ensure equitable billing for all residents in Chestermere. Every meter that isn’t working contributes to a water loss for the City. The water that is not accounted for through business and residential meters is paid for through CUI’s approved rates.

As a matter of fairness to our customers, it is important for us to ensure the total water supplied and consumed is accurately recorded and paid for by the customers that have benefited from these services.

If you have any questions about the Water Meter Replacement Program,

please contact us at 403-207-7284.